Monday, October 28, 2013

M48 Patton: Paint Tutorial

M48 Patton Heresy Brush
M48A3 PattonII painted by HeresyBrush
M48A3 Patton II Tank (1:55) of COMBAT MODELS for 28mm wargames, painted by Heresy Brush
You can see the fantastic Tutorial at magazine Breaking WAR #8.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

M48A3: Coming soon available...

M48A3 coming soon
M48A3 Patton II
M48A3 Patton II (1968)
US Medium Combat Tank: 90-MM Gun
A rebuild of earlier tanks, this has the same diesel engine as the M60A1, an improved fire control system, and the commander's cupola is modified by mounting a circular ring with vision blocks between the roof of the turret and the base of the commander's cupola. Most have only three track return rollers and no rear idler. They also have "T" type blast deflectors and fender dust shields.

Monday, July 15, 2013

M48 Patton (1:55) Preview

Combat Model M48 Patton (1:55)
Combat Model M48 Patton (1:55)
The new Combat Model M48A3 Patton II prototype full color.
Sculpted by Manuel Muñoz & painted by HeresyBrush.

Friday, July 5, 2013

M48 Patton Presentation at Desafío Wargames

M48 Patton Presentation
M48 Patton Combat Models
We are on our way to Zaragoza (Spain) with our new Combat Model, the brand new M48A3 Patton II that will be released to the public at the Desafio Wargames Show this weekend. For those about to play, we salute you.
Desafío Wargames Show
Desafío Wargames Show

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Next Model: M48 PATTON (1:55)

Hi! We want to offer a preview of our next Combat Models project; the M48 Patton II Tank, a spectacular vehicle, predecessor of today's Main Battle Tanks. The "green" prototype is ready and will be soon in production, with metal and resin parts.
M48 Tank Combat Models Sketch
M48 Tank Combat Models Sketch

M48A3 Combat Models design
M48A3 Combat Models Design (1:55)

Sunday, June 9, 2013

PT-76 North Vietnamese 198th Tank Battalion

PT-76 with Sappers VPA (Combat Models 28mm)
For Vietnam People's Army (VPA) commanders, the creation of an independent armored force command represented a significant milestone in the development of their army, because it enabled them to respond to the circumstances on the battlefield with a modern armored force.
PT-76 Vietcong
PT-76 with Vietcong support (Combat Models 28mm)

To prepare for their upcoming mission, the 203rd Armored Regiment undertook a series of combined-arms training with infantry and artillery units in different types of terrain, in order to operate in Vietnam’s rough mountainous and jungle conditions. On 5 August 1967, the Ministry of Defense ordered the 203rd Armored Regiment to form a sub-unit, namely the 198th Tank Battalion equipped with 22 PT-76 Amphibious Tanks, to bolster the strength of the 304th Division in South Vietnam.
PT-76 North Vietnamese 198th Tank Battalion
PT-76 North Vietnamese 198th Tank Battalion
From their base in Luong Son, Hòa Bình Province, the 198th Tank Battalion began their arduous 1.350 kilometers (840 mi) journey down the Ho Chi Minh Trail under constant US air-strikes. In January 1968, the 198th Tank Battalion arrived on the field where it joined the 304th Division for an attack on the Laotian outpost of Ban Houe Sane.
PT-76 North Vietnamese Company
PT-76 North Vietnamese Company
 The North Vietnamese 304th Division had assembled on the battlefield, reinforced by the 198th Tank Battalion, with the following orders: the 66th Regiment was given the task of capturing Khe Sanh village, part of Huong Hoa District, to begin their Route 9 - Khe Sanh Campaign; the 24th Regiment was ordered to destroy the enemy strongholds of Ban Houei Sane and Lang Vei...
PT-76 VPA Company
PT-76 VPA Company
...the first successful action of NVA armor was against US Special Forces!
PT-76 VPA Sappers
PT-76 VPA Sappers


Scenography: Club Landwehr

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

PT-76 Compatibility with different miniatures of 28mm

PT-76 Compatibility miniatures 28mm
PT-76 Compatibility with different miniatures of 28mm
PT-76 painted by HeresyBrush and miniatures by Rafael Rico

Monday, May 27, 2013

COMBAT MODELS at Empress Miniatures

Empress Miniatures
COMBAT MODELS at Empress Miniatures
"We are now stocking items from Combat Models. This Spanish company is focusing on Vietnam (spot a theme there?) and their first release is a rather excellent PT 76They aim to follow this with further vehicles for the period and even a set of wargames rules."
Modern Combat Empress Miniatures

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

PT-76 (1:55) for real 28mm

PT-76 (1:55) for real 28mm
PT-76 (1:55) for real 28mm

Sculpted by Manuel "PVC" Muñoz & painted by Rubén Torregrosa (Heresy)